Tina Knowles Recalls A Time Solange Knowles Tried To Get A Teacher Fired When She Was 12: I Was Actually Very Proud Of Her

Solange Knowles and her mom Tina Lawson

Tina Knowles Recalls A Time Solange Knowles Tried To Get A Teacher Fired When She Was 12: I Was Actually Very Proud Of Her

Solange Knowles has no problem standing up for herself and others, and the Solange Knowles we stan for know has been going strong since she was a pre-teen.

Her mother, Tina Lawson, revealed a moment when Solange Knowles took major steps to try to get one of her teachers fired.

Tina Knowles Lawson told Page Six before Solange Knowles was awarded the Lena Horne Prize:

“The [school] principal called me in and said, ‘Solange is starting trouble.’ And I’m like, ‘What did she do?’”

Solange Knowles was 12-years old at the time. Tina Lawson continued,

“When they told me, I was actually very proud of her. I was like ‘Way to go, Solange!'”

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Solange Received the Lena Horne award last night in New York at The prestigious “ Town Hall” I was honoted to talk to the audience about who she is. She is the first African American woman to receive an inaugural award. This award celebrates the intersection of art philanthropy and activism. Like Miss Horne , Solange uses her platform to shine a light on police brutality and social injustices and racism. Has marched in many protest marches Even organizing the Trayvon Martin verdict march. Whether building roof top water systems in villages in Rawanda with “ Rain , or Helping to build schools in Zambia With 14plus , or buying books for students at Howard University . Just to name a few , She gives it her all . I am so proud of this award because It shines a light on Solange not the entertainer but Solange the person the good and generous humble beautiful soul that is Solange?? Solange has received many awards including a Grammy , numerous accolades , Glamour woman of the year . Harvard entertainer of the year. She has performed in almost every major museum in the world. She has been the first African-American to do so many things in spaces that we were not welcomed before. At the Smithsonian African American museum opening Angela Davis called her album our Anthem. She was talking about “A Seat At The Table “It was a love letter to black people! “When I get Home ” Her latest album and beautiful artistic film about going home to your space and is certainly a love letter to Houston Texas where we are from. It is a visual and musical masterpiece?? Congrats Baby??

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It’s not clear why Solange tried to get her teacher the pink slip, but Tina Lawson added that she

“didn’t punish her. Absolutely not for trying to make a good change.”

Solange was awarded the honor for her social justice work. Tina Knowles told TIME ahead of the ceremony,

Solange has a creative, energetic soul. She was born with her mama’s fiery spirit, thank you very much. She’s been the first African-American woman in a lot of museums and spaces that we weren’t welcome in before. She’s knocked down those doors, and she’s only just begun,”

Tina Lawson, Solange Knowles

Lena Horne’s daughter Gail Lumet Buckley also said,

“Today, artists are not necessarily that interested in being activists. It’s all now about getting rich and famous, and they don’t have to give back because they’re free, in a sense. My mother came up in a period where she was not free to be herself. She had to be a ‘credit to her race,’ quote unquote. She had to be an activist; she had no choice in it.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson