LisaRaye McCoy Says She Heard That Halle Berry Wasn’t Good In Bed: That’s What They Say [VIDEO]

LisaRaye McCoy Says That She Heard That Halle Berry Wasn’t Good In Bed: “That’s What They Say, That’s What I Heard”

A new rumor appears to have surfaced surrounding Halle Berry’s sexuality. During an episode of “Cocktails With Queens”, the hosts discussed some of the attractive men that singer Toni Braxton was connected to back in the day. While the topic of Toni Braxton was on the table, LisaRaye McCoy shared an unconfirmed rumor about Halle Berry‘s sex life. LisaRaye says that she heard that Halle Berry wasn’t good in bed.

“That’s what they say, that’s what I read, and that’s what I heard.”

Check out the clip below:

Last month Halle Berry opened up about her sexuality during a recent video posted to Instagram, with her friend, Lindsay Flores. When asked “when was your first orgasm”– Halle Berry unashamedly said she remembered exactly when hers occurred:

“I remember my first orgasm! And I did it to myself!”

Lindsay Flores appeared shocked and proceeded to ask how old Halle Berry was when this occurred. Halle responded that she was 11 years old and also said:

“I was diddling. I was figuring out my sexuality, like most girls.”

See the clip.


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Authored by: Demi Lobo