Lizzo Leads Meditation Session With Her Flute On Social Media, Plays “All The Way Turnt Up” [VIDEO]

Lizzo Leads Meditation Session With Her Flute On Social Media, Plays “All The Way Turnt Up” [VIDEO]

Lizzo is a woman of many talents. She’s a singing, dancing, rapping Grammy Award winner – but who knew she could lead a meditation session? The “Truth Hurts” singer lead an Instagram Live session with worried fans in response to the coronavirus. Like many other artists, the global pandemic led her to cancel her anticipated Houston Rodeo appearance. She commented on it, admitting that she, too, was frightened by the health scare:

“As some of you might know, I was scheduled to play the Houston Rodeo today. And we had to cancel. As many, many artists and schools and workplaces- places of business have also had to do the same because of the current pandemic that is causing this global crisis that we’re all experiencing together…it’s a scary time for a lot of people. And even I was experiencing some fear. And moreso than fear, I was experiencing helplessness…’What can we do? What can I do? I don’t know what to do.’ And I felt the same way…when I got back to LA, I noticed the fear was heightened here.”

Surrounded by her crystal collection, Lizzo used her soothing voice to guide followers to meditate on expelling fear from their homes. She said:

“I wanted to take the time to do a mass meditation…we’re gonna come together, and we’re gonna take deep breaths, and we’re gonna join in agreement…we’re gonna try to eliminate the fear as much as we can…I want us to all meditate on people being clean, [and] taking all the precautions.”

She, also, played an unlikely session on her flute – the 2010 hit, “All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy. She gave this mantra to repeat:

“Fear does not exist in my body. Fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body. Love exists in my home.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay