Saweetie Hints That She Wants Children Soon: I Want 3 Or 4 Babies [VIDEO]

Saweetie Says She Wants “3 Or 4 Babies” + Hints Around To Babies Soon

Rapper Saweetie (born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper) seems to be having baby fever, and during a recent interview with radio host Kendra G she admitted that she wants 3 or 4 babies.

The rapper who is currently in a relationship with The Migos rapper Quavo, has been focused on her music but when asked about having a “quarantine baby,” Saweetie responds,

“Well you know what, I do want to have babies.  So, I wanna have like 3 or 4.”

But when Kendra G probed the topic a little further about starting to have babies soon, Saweetie continued with a cryptic insinuation,

“Well, we gon’ see.  Y’all gon’ see.”

Saweetie & Quavo


Time has yet to tell if Saweetie will be welcoming a baby anytime in the near future in the midst of her rising career, but successful women in the music industry having babies has been a hot topic as of late.  Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Summer Walker are all women who’ve decided to have children while actively thriving in their music career.

Nicki Minaj

Cardi B

But for Saweetie, she does say that there are some things she would like to accomplish before having babies because she herself has really young parents. She continued,

“I was always being baby sat by other people, and they did their best to give me their all, but I really wanna make sure I’m at a stable point in my life.  So, I mean we gon’ see what God has in store for me.”

Do you think Saweetie should join the host of women having babies while they are thriving in their careers?  Let us know below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers