Jhene Aiko Explains Her Race: It’s Whatever They Want Me To Be

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Explains Her Race

Jhene Aiko has undoubtedly become a fan favorite since she stepped onto the scene in 2003 with her song titled “No L.O.V.E.,” but some fans couldn’t help but wonder what the singer is “mixed with”.

In a recent tweet, a social media user asked Jhene Aiko that very question, and she responded trying her best to clarify.

She replied to the question,

“i am less black that [sic] someone half black, but also less white that someone half white…and asian is the least thing i am.  lol. so at this point, it’s whatever they want me to be”


She answered the same question with a more joking response.  She said,

“whispers, cat hair, slauson asphalt and sand from venice beach”

Though it may still be unclear what her ethnic background is, her music, and perhaps even her appearance has been compared to another racially ambiguous artist. In August, a fan compared Jhene Aiko to soul/R&B icon, Sade, immediately causing their names to trend on Twitter.

Halle Berry also caught wind of the comparison and shared her thoughts.

What are  your thoughts on Jhene’s remarks about her racial background? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: Robin Ayers