EXCLUSIVE: Reality TV Star & DanceHall Artist Spice Launches New Athleisure Line

Spice wearing a piece from her clothing line, Graci Noir

EXCLUSIVE: Reality TV Star Spice Talks New Athleisure Line

Reality TV star/Dancehall artist Spice is starting a new venture! The 38-year old ‘Queen of Dancehall’ exclusively told theJasmineBRAND about her new clothing line, ‘Graci Nior’. Spice talked about the type of attire that would be included in her line and explained the meaning behind the name of her new business.

“It’s athleisure wear, comfortable is me. I like dressing comfortable. I’m always on the go, always in the airport, I can just grab a tracksuit and go. Or a legging set, or a t-shirt or something comfortable. So that’s really why I stuck with that type of wear.”

Spice wearing a piece from her clothing line, Graci Noir

Spice continued,

Graci Nior. My real name is Grace, I just changed the ‘e’ to ‘i’ because the word Graci means thankful and I’m so thankful for my journey and where I came from and everything. So I use Graci from my real name. The word Nior is a french word that means black and you know I’m an advocate for black people so it just makes sense. Because everybody knows me, I’m all for black. Black power, black women’s empowerment, everything, all black. So that’s where I infused the two name Graci Nior, and thats how I came up with that name.”

The photo shoot of the Fall 2020 collection can be found here. What are your thoughts on Spice’s new clothing line? Let us know in the comments below. 

Authored by: Monique Nicole