‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Spice Has Sex Advice For Castmate Shekinah: Climb A Tree, Make Him Lock You In A Trunk

Spice, Shekinah Anderson

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Spice Has Sex Advice For Castmate Shekinah: Climb A Tree, Make Him Lock You In A Trunk

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast-mates Spice and Shekinah Anderson didn’t hold back when they discussed different places to have sex on Instagram live on Wednesday (April 29). In the short clip, dancehall artist Spice compares”old-style sex” with “new-style sex” and encourages hairstylist Shekinah Anderson to think outside the box when it comes to her sex life.  Spice begins,

“All these new styles you need to get rid of it. You need to bring him under the bed and not on top of the bed. Instead of having sex inside, climb the tree, can you climb the tree and have sex with him or something?”

In which Shekinah Anderson responds,

“Hell no I can’t climb no tree.”

Spice encourages Shekinah by saying,

“Come on you gotta turn things up its 2020. Just say you’re 36 don’t do the old style. Climb a tree have sex with him on a tree. Let him bring the broomstick and beat you with the broomstick. Tell him to squeeze your throat and make him lick your head with a broomstick and make you shiver.”

Shekinah once again disagrees and says

“No Spice.”

Spice then continues with her suggestions saying,

“Have sex in the car, make him carry you to the trunk and make him lock you in the trunk. Make it difficult to have sex, lock up and claustrophobic in the trunk, in the back of the car in the car trunk. Them sex days what ya need to have. Some new sex that’s the new sex. Nobody have the boring thing and lie down upon the bed, go in the bathroom and no. Do some new stuff with this guy.”

Shekinah states,

“Spice I don’t wanna be beat with no broomstick and I don’t wanna be choked tight… I don’t wanna f*** under the bed Spice. I’m not getting my big ass in a motherf***ing tree with no n***a and the limb break then what girl?”

See the full hilarious video below.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla