Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Mary Cosby Allegedly Calls Congregation ‘Poor’ & ‘Stingy’ In Leaked Audio

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Mary Cosby Allegedly Calls Congregation ‘Poor’ & ‘Stingy’ In Leaked Audio

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby has been making headlines ever since the new franchise landed on Bravo.  It looks like she might have more drama surrounding around her name and now her church.

When Mary Cosby’s grandmother Rosemary died in 1997, she inherited her grandmother’s multimillion-dollar fortune, which included Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, by marrying her grandmother’s second husband Rober Cosby, Sr.

Mary Cosby and husband Robert Cosby, Sr.

New leaked audio alleges that Mary Cosby called her congregation “poor” when the church received a lower amount of expected tithes and offerings after a Sunday service.

In the grainy audio, she is allegedly heard saying,

“Coming in here draining me, I ain’t preaching over ya’ll’s sins, I’m doing everything else, ya’ll ain’t helping.”

She added:

“Halfway pay your tithes, I got 14 birthday cards, your old stingy self! You old poor people, I don’t want no poor people around me, you’re poor as h*ll. And if you ain’t poor, you stingy, so you still poor. God said you was poor….”

Check out the audio below:

Although Mary Cosby hasn’t responded to the claims of her calling her congregation poor, she did respond to a different rumor swirling around.  

Jen Shah a fellow cast-mate on RHOSLC recently said in an episode that Mary Cosby said that if she sees a Black person at a 7-eleven store she would go to a different one.

Mary Cosby denied that she said in the comment section of a post, calling Jen Shah a liar saying,

“No I never said that to Jen she’s lies you will see she adds on the she has no roll back tape no text. Just through me out there with that trash and yes Jen was lying! I never said that to her [I] never been to her house in my life! Except [for NYC]..  She wanted to be Something she has lost what her platform or her point in life is she showing the world lies. I said not to her but this was off camera not even a cast yet. It was late we was together and in NYC there was a convent store! I didn’t go in.” 
She added,
“First I didn’t need anything and I felt it was dangers! She takes that and says 7-11 there no Blk man in Utah so 7-11? The black man she just added that in there. I promise you if I can be truthful about who Mary is. I’m showing everyone why I don’t know. It just felt like my grandmother Story should deserves to be told! I would tell you honest. I did not say that. If you notice when someone makes a comment that Strong They will Roll the tape back of me telling her. They never once did!!Because it’s a lie.”
She ended her response saying:
“Please know better. You can feel me I’m being real !! Thank you for asking me! That was very kind. No jens trying to shoot at me. I wish she would go somewhere and leave me alone. I really do. Lol ! Sending Love ?? M?

Jen Shah still says that Mary said it:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo