Romeo Miller and Master P Blast WEtv For Orchestrating Drama Between ‘GUHH’ Cast: We Not On The Same Level

Romeo Miller and his father, hip-hop legend Master P

Romeo Miller and Master P Blast WEtv For Orchestrating Drama Between ‘GUHH’ Cast: We Not On The Same Level

Earlier this year we broke the story that Romeo Miller and Master P would be quitting “Growing Up Hip Hop” on WEtv after the father and son duo had a disagreement with production.

Since then, Master P and Romeo have both kept quiet on their plans to leave or stay on the show, until now.  Romeo and Master P have both released behind-the-scenes clips of what they say is producers trying to “create” drama.  In the clip, Master P is seen talking to producers saying:

“I showed you what you should put up, and you didn’t you put up what you thought the network wanted to see, and the network changed it. If we’re going to do business, let’s do right business. Because it’s positive stuff that people want to see. We’re going to change the game, after today, we’re going to change how people stereotype us. We’re not about to be arguing with Angela [Simmons], nobody, because we have love for all of them, because that’s what you want to see on TV.”

The producer then tells Master P that TV fans want to see Romeo and Angela Simmons fall in love, not fight.  Master P quickly came to Angela Simmons, and his son’s defense, reminding her that Angela Simmons, recently lost the father of her son to murder, and there is no love between her and Romeo:

“It’s no love there, she lost her husband, her boyfriend, her baby daddy, she lost him, he got murdered.  She don’t need another relationship right now, think about it, you guys are setting her up with somebody. She don’t need that, she needs to find herself”

In the second half of the clip Romeo Miller is seen filming for the show, expressing his thoughts about arguing with other castmates who are not on his or his father’s level, he says:

“I don’t relate to none of these other n*ggas, I don’t smoke, I haven’t fu*ked up, what imma sit down and talk to other n*ggas about, when we not on the same level” 

Romeo posted then deleted the clip with the caption:

His father Master P also posted the same videos with his point of view:

“I’m only showing you this so next time you’re watching this show you can use your real judgement and see how they flip peoples words and change positive moments into negative. This is the reason we quit 6 months ago. They edit for drama, we have more important things to worry about than fake producers creating fake love stories. The only way to change this is with ownership. I’m putting my trust in God. Never let these devils play with your mind for a little piece of bread. That’s the real reason my son didn’t want to talk on camera anymore because he knew that his words would be altered like they did mine. I’m praying for the Simmon’s family and the other families on the show, so they can see through this Bs too. #Weallwegot#FamilyOverEverything@romeomiller

In part 2 of the conversation between Master P, Romeo, and the producers, Romeo is seen, addressing how the show used Romeo’s religion, to create a negative angle for the promo:

Romeo took it one step further, posting more behind the scenes footage of the show “creates” drama and fakes scenarios for ratings:

Does this change how you watch the show? Let us know in the comments?

Authored by: Demi Lobo