Ray Fisher Of ‘Justice League’ Says He Won’t Work On ‘Any Production’ Involving DC Films President: He’s The Most Dangerous Kind Of Enabler

Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher Of ‘Justice League’ Says He Won’t Work On ‘Any Production’ Involving DC Films President: He’s The Most Dangerous Kind Of Enabler

American actor Ray Fisher might be done with the DC universe. Ray Fisher started his acting career in 2008 however, most people know him for playing Victor Stone/Cyborg in the 2016 DC film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He reprised the role for the 2017 film Justice League. According to reports, Ray Fisher was supposed to return to his Cyborg role for the upcoming Flash movie, however, it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anymore. On December 30th, Ray Fisher released a statement via his media platforms calling out DC Films President, Walter Hamada. He wrote,

“Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler.

His lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept 4th hit-piece, sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation.

I will not participate in any production associated with him.


As previously reported, Ray Fisher made multiple claims against the work environment of the DC projects he was apart of. In addition to that, he also claimed ill-treatment and racial discrimination from Joss Whedon, (Joseph Hill Whedon) who is one of the directors of the Justice League film. According to Ray Fisher, Joss Whedon digitally changed the complexion of an actor of color during the post-production of Justice League. He said,

“What set my soul on fire and forced me to speak out about Joss Whedon this summer was my becoming informed that Joss had ordered that the complexion of an actor of color be changed in post-production because he didn’t like the color of their skin tone. Man, with everything 2020’s been, that was the tipping point for me.”

Ray Fisher added,

“Prior to Justice League’s reshoot process, blatantly racist conversations were had and entertained—on multiple occasions—by former and current top level executives at Warner Bros. Pictures. Decision-makers that participated in those racist conversations were Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, and current Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich.”

Warner Media recently wrapped its investigation into his claims. The studio released a statement that reads:

“WarnerMedia’s investigation into the Justice League movie has concluded and remedial action has been taken.”

It’s not clear what exact actions were taken by Warner Media, but Ray Fisher didn’t seem to be pleased with the findings. On December 11th, he fired off a series of tweets sharing his thoughts towards Warner Media’s statement.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel