Nene Leakes Says She’s Organizing A March Outside Of ‘Racist Studios’ In 2021

Nene Leakes Says She’s Organizing A March Outside Of ‘Racist Studios’ In 2021

Nene Leakes is continuing her fight against the racist mistreatment of black women.

On Thursday (Dec. 31st), the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star tweeted:

“Be Smart and DO NOT SUPPORT count down shows TONIGHT that aren’t supporting or respecting BLACK WOMEN creativity/equality and blacklisting us from working if we speak the truth abt their wrong doings”
She added:
“Don’t believe me, believe your eyes”
She also announced that she’ll be hosting a march next year.
“In 2021, we will form a March outside of these racist studios #blackwomenmatter
Her tweets come just after she called for a boycott against Bravo following her shocking exit from RHOA. 
She later explained the boycott during an Instagram live with civil rights attorney Ben Crump. When asked if she was upset she didn’t have her own show, she responded:

“It’s not so much about me having my own show…When you work at any company you want elevation. It’s about leveling up. Whether I’m an actress or an executive, everybody wants to level up on their opportunity or their job… as an original Housewife, a lot of these girls were being elevated, I was being demoted.”


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She explained:

“I was given less and less episodes and these girls were given more and more episodes. I was given less. Original housewives across the board in different states, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, other places – they were given full seasons and I was given less episodes every season.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson