NFL Player Earl Thomas’ Wife Granted Restraining Order Against Him After He Allegedly ‘Tormented’ Her During Christmas Dispute

NFL Player Earl Thomas’ Wife Nina Thomas Granted Restraining Order Against Him After He Allegedly ‘Tormented’ Her During Christmas Dispute

The wife of NFLer Earl Thomas has been granted a restraining order against him.

In the order, Earl Thomas, who was released by the Baltimore Ravens in the offseason, has to stay at least 400 feet away from Nina Thomas’s Austin, TX home. He is accused of breaking a window at her house when he was reportedly


According to reports, Nina Thomas said she and Earl Thomas would spend the holidays together at her parents’ home in Orange, Texas, but he “chose to stay out all night drinking” on Christmas Day and came back the next day “visibly intoxicated.”

She alleged in court documents that he told her to “suck my d—” while their daughter was there. She said she locked him out of the house, causing him to allegedly get angry and bang on the windows, breaking one with his fist and leaving his blood on the front porch.

Police then arrived and questioned the NFL star while he was in the hospital. While he said he broke the window, he

“reported no crime was committed to cause his injuries.”

Still, Nina Thomas claims that he allegedly said he would return to her parents’ house and “burn” her items if she went back to their Austin, TX home. He also allegedly threatened to assault her. She added in court documents:

“To further torment me, Earl sent an intimate video of himself and another woman to my phone. I am scared of Earl and believe that there is clear and present danger.”

She also expressed concern their children

“will be harmed.”

The couple, who shares three children together, has been in the spotlight since they tied the knot in 2016. Nina Thomas filed for divorce in November. 

Her decision comes just months after she was arrested for pulling a gun on Earl Thomas after catching him with another woman.

Official court documents obtained say that Nina Thomas found out Earl Thomas, was with another woman via his Snapchat account.

Nina Thomas reportedly brought two friends to confront him at an Airbnb, bringing Earl’s gun, a 9mm Berreta, along to “scare” all of the parties involved.   However, she was reportedly not aware of a bullet remaining in the chamber of the gun. Nina allegedly held Earl at gunpoint after discovering him naked in bed with other women. One of the women accompanying Nina was reportedly the wife or ex-wife of Seth Thomas.

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Authored by: Char Patterson