Jazmine Sullivan Says ‘I Had A Horrible Relationship That Resulted In Domestic Abuse’ As She Explains Time Off

Jazmine Sullivan Says ‘I Had A Horrible Relationship That Resulted In Domestic Abuse’ As She Explains Time Off

R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan is back to releasing music after a years-long hiatus.  In a recent interview with Joe Budden, the singer says that her break in music was due to an abusive relationship.

“So I had a horrible relationship that resulted in domestic abuse at the time.”

She released her third studio album ‘Reality Show’ in 2015 and says that after touring for the album, she planned on taking a short break that ended up being longer.

“I came back with ‘Reality Show’ after that I had started touring Reality Show.  And I had planned on just kinda taking a short break and time kinda got away from me.”

She continued:

“But I experienced my own point in time where I was kinda just wilding a little bit and I didn’t know at the time why I was doing those things.  But, you know when I had some time to process I’m like ‘Oh I was still healing from that relationship’ that kinda like threw me for a loop.”

She added,

“Some things happened in it that I never thought that I would experience. I let some things happen that I never thought I would, and I kinda became a different person.  And sometimes you think you’ve healed and you haven’t. And like you’re going about your life and situations come up and you start kinda acting out things from the past that you didn’t even know were still there.”

She says that all of her life experiences at the time played a part in her latest project ‘Heaux Tales.’

She spoke on her healing after the situation and said:

“After the aftermath of all of that stuff happening, I was just feeling some type of way about myself, and the decisions that I made and feeling like I needed to give myself some grace and realize that I had been through some things. I had some trauma that I wasn’t fully healed from and I’m okay, I may have done some things that I wasn’t proud of or acted certain ways that I wasn’t proud of, but I’m still good I’m still Jazmine, and that doesn’t make up the whole of me.”

She wanted to extend the same message and lesson to her female fans.

“And that’s what I want females to know is that, certain parts of your life that may not be cookie cutter, or may not be the best, doesn’t make up the sum of you. Give yourself some grace, and give the women around you grace.”

Check out the clip below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo