Spike Lee: Donald Trump Will Go Down In History With The Likes Of Hitler

Spike Lee, Donald Trump

Spike Lee: Donald Trump Will Go Down In History With The Likes Of Hitler

Spike Lee had a few words of criticism for former President Donald Trump over the weekend.

He made the comments after accepting an honorary award at the 86th annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards for his project New York, New York Sunday (Jan. 24th).

He pre-taped his acceptance speech on Jan. 6th, the day dozens of Donald Trump supporters violently attacked the Capitol in D.C. in protest of him losing the Presidential election. Spike Lee said in his speech,

“You know what, we are living in a very serious time in America. All of us as true Americans have to really think about what’s important. There’s no way possible to go before the iPhone and thank you guys without telling you what’s in my heart and soul as a descendent of slaves who helped build this country.”

He continued,

“The whole world is laughing at the United States, the so-called cradle of democracy. We’re at the crossroads now. And everyone please be safe, this is not a game. These people got guns with ammunition.”

He then likened Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and said,

“This president, President Agent Orange, will go down in history with the likes of Hitler. These guys, all his boys, they are going down on the wrong side of history.”

Spike Lee also shared a few words about Donald Trump’s exit roughly a month after he lost the election to President Joe Biden. 

He told Deadline on Dec. 9th,

“Oh, I’m on Instagram popping a bottle of prosecco. OK, it wasn’t champagne, it was handed to me. But it was a glorious day. It’s very sad that [Donald Trump] is still saying that he won and trying to dismantle democracy and his gangsters, co-conspirators, won’t acknowledge it, a lot of them. I would say [his presidency] was a shame and history is not going to be very kind to Agent Orange.”

He also said,

“This guy is still in office and he still has the nuclear codes and it’s highly conceivable that he’s going to start another war. This guy is not going to go out with a whimper, he’s going to go out with a bang. I’m a realist. I just hope that the generals gave him a fake code, gave him the bogus, fugazi numbers, gave him numbers he can remember, like, one, two, three, four.”

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