Joe Budden Defends Media Personality Lore’l After Michael B. Jordan Confronted Her For Previously Clowning Him On A Podcast: ‘You Doing That To A Girl Is Some Corny N*gg* Sh*t!’

Joe Sudden, Lore’l, Michael B. Jordan

Joe Budden Defends Media Personality Lore’l After Michael B. Jordan Confronted Her For Previously Clowning Him On A Podcast: ‘You Doing That To A Girl Is Some Corny N*gg* Sh*t!’

Joe Budden had some things to get off his chest after seeing Michael B. Jordan’s latest encounter with media personality Lore’l. 

On the latest episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” the rapper-turned-podcaster went off on Michael B. Jordan after he caught wind of his seemingly intense run-in with Lore’l last week on the red carpet for the premiere of “Creed 3” in Atlanta.

While speaking on the now-viral moment, Joe Budden exclaimed:

“Dawg, you doing that to a girl is some corny n*gg* sh*t. You being Michael B. Jordan today, allegedly ‘sexiest man alive’ in all of these Blockbuster movies during your highlight week, you’ve probably never been more visible than you are right this second and that’s what you do to her?”

Joe Budden

Joe Budden, born Joseph Budden, continued:

“If I bring back them white girl rumors, then it’s gon’ sound even crazier. ‘Cause why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet? We don’t even be talking to white b*tch*s like that.”

The 42-year-old clarified:

“I’m not gon’ make it racist, they say I make everything racist. That was corny of him to speak to that girl like that.”

He added:

“Michael B. Jordan that’s why n*gg*s call you corny. Aye Creed, aye, what’s this n*gg*s name? In case you were confused, that corny *ss sh*t you did is why n*gg*s think you corny. In case you were off a little bit, you n*gg*s keep thinking that money hides corny.”

As expected, it didn’t take long for people to call Budden out for seemingly being a hypocrite. He made headlines in December for slamming Vivica A. Fox and Claudia Jordan — two Black women — after they called him out for speaking ill about Megan Thee Stallion.

However, the Harlem native responded to the scrutiny from social media users and stood ten toes down on what he initially said. On Wednesday (Mar. 1), Budden wrote:

“If any other Black multi millionaire embarrassed a woman working on a red carpet cuz she thought he was corny in 7th grade y’all would call him a lot more than corny.”

He added:

“Also i work for me & im not firing myself. I said what i said, get off my d*ck. Love, management.”

As previously reported, “The Morning Hustle” host Lore’l had an awkward interaction with the director and actor of “Creed 3.” During her red-carpet interview with Michael B. Jordan, she shared that they actually knew each other from their hometown. Lore’l said:

“You know we know each other, we go way back to Chad Science in Newark.”

Michael B. Jordan sarcastically responded:

“Oh yeah, the corny kid right?”

Michael B. Jordan

She mentioned:

“I did not say that. Misquoted for sure.”

He disagreed:

“No, I heard it.”

She clarified:

“No you did not hear me – I said we used to make fun of the name.”

Jordan was seemingly referring to an interview the former “Love and Hip Hop” star gave on “The Undressing Room Podcast” in 2021, where she mentioned that she used to tease the 36-year-old for his name and passion for acting. Lore’l said:

“To be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan.”

She continued:

“And he also would come to school with a headshot. We lived in Newark, that’s the hood.” 

The New Jersey native added:

“We would make fun of him like, ‘What you gonna do with your stupid headshot!?’ And now look at him!”

Reportedly, her co-host was the one to call the actor “corny.”


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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill