Chris Rock & Rosie Perez Urge New Yorkers To Wear Masks & Get Tested For COVID-19: This Is Not A Joke! [WATCH]

Chris Rock & Rosie Perez Urge New Yorkers To Wear Masks & Get Tested For COVID-19: This Is Not A Joke! [WATCH]

Actors Chris Rock and Rosie Perez used their platforms to join New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to encourage New Yorkers to continue social distancing safety measures and to take advantage of coronavirus testing options.

Chris Rock and Rosie Perez took the stage during Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s live news conference on Thursday to announce a PSA campaign that aims to reach teenagers and young adults, many who have stubbornly resisted wearing masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Both Chris Rock and Rosie Perez wore wearing vinyl gloves during the conference, and Chris Rock joked that New Yorkers should make the testing experience “a festive occasion.”

He added that protecting the older people in the city should be a top priority.

“People need to get tested. They need to posse up for testing, if you love your grandmother, you should get tested.”

Rock estimated that 40% of the people he sees in his neighborhood in Brooklyn are not wearing masks,

“It’s sad…that our health has become sort of a political issue. It’s a status symbol almost to not wear a mask.”

Perez then stressed the importance of wearing masks in public.

“Please spread love the Brooklyn way. Get tested. Wear a mask. Mi gente, wear a mask please. This is not a joke, this is not a hoax.”

Perez then clears up the idea that New Yorkers not wanting to wear masks is limited to low-income and densely populated areas of the city,

“I see hipsters and yuppies walking around without a mask, what is it, arrogance? Do you think you’re not going to be affected. OK fine, but you’re affecting me too. That I really do not understand.”

Rock ads says that he gives those who aren’t wearing a mask “a nice side-eye” when he sees it.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo