Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Says “You Don’t Need Surgery”

Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Says “You Don’t Need Surgery”


Erica Campbell has a message for those out there considering going under the knife. The gospel singer took to Instagram on Sunday (Feb.7) to encourage her fans to not get plastic surgery and embrace themselves as they are. Campbell wrote,

“Hey! You don’t need the surgery! You’re fine how you are, embrace yourself LOVE YOURSELF as you are. Surgery isn’t bad but WHY DO YOU REALLY NEED IT?! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! Stop comparing yourself to others!! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139”

She then added a lengthy caption to the post, letting fans know she is not being judgmental, however, she is encouraging people who do get plastic surgery to do it for the right reasons. Campbell wrote,

“This is for you reconsider why you’re doing it. Love you. God loves you more. BTW just my thoughts
no judgment at all!! Know that self acceptance is Everything!
I’m not talking about necessary surgery because of scars or other things, I’m talking about vanity and comparison being your reason! Surgery won’t give you what you’re looking for. Make sure you’re taking good care of your heart mind and soul. What you think of you is important.”


Erica Campbell

She continued,

“If you have done the hard work and this is your final step to the body you desire, that’s different, I say go for it! but don’t do it because everyone’s doing it!”


Several social media users gave their opinions on Erica Campbell’s message. Some criticizing her and accusing her of being judgmental while others understood the seemingly positive message she was sharing.

Erica Campbell is no stranger to sharing her opinion. Just last month, she shared her thoughts on pastors behaving appropriately on social media. She wrote,

“Hey Preachers and pastor! You should re-think liking the pictures of ladies in sexy bikinis, especially when you’re married. Even when the caption is deep and spiritual! You shouldn’t double tap!! Ijs”
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Authored by: Monique Nicole