Sheree Whitfield Reportedly Planning To Marry Prison Bae Tyrone Gilliams, Now That He’s Been Released

Sheree Whitfield Reportedly Planning To Marry Prison Bae Tyrone Gilliams Now That He’s Been Released

Sheree Whitfield’s prison bae Tyrone Gilliams is a free man and is reportedly ready to tie the knot with The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum.

Sheree Whitfield opened up about her relationship with Tyrone Gilliams on season 10 of the Bravo reality show while he was still in jail for fraud.

The last thing she mentioned during the reunion, which aired in 2018, was that he could be in jail for two more years if he didn’t win an appeal. She alluded to not wanting to wait for him.

According to new reports, he was released and moved to a halfway house in Philadelphia recently. A source said, according to All About The Tea, that he and Sheree Whitfield want to move forward with their wedding. They said,

“Sheree and Tyrone are soul mates, they knew when he got out that the two would marry.”

Sheree Whitfield said of their future in August 2018,

“I mean he would love to marry me right now, but I am not marrying someone who is in prison. I am keeping my options open. I meet people all the time and the crazy thing is, no one has been able to hold my attention or grab it. No one has been able to get in my mind and my head. He is still around, but I say at the same time, I love him and I have said it before, if he comes home and I am still available and everything is great, what he is doing and what he says he is going to do, then absolutely I can see a future.”

It looks like they were able to work things out.

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Authored by: Char Patterson