Sheree Whitfield Says She’s ‘Been Out Of It’ After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield Says She’s ‘Been Out Of It’ After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield is one of the latest celebrities to test positive for COVID-19.

The 50-year-old reality star and mother posted a video on Instagram earlier this week to reveal the news. She said,

“Hey guys just checking in. I know I’ve been MIA. I tested positive for COVID-19, and so I kinda just really been at home self quarantining for the past week and a half and I just want you guys to know that it is no joke.”

She continued,

“I’m feeling much better today. Thank you for everybody who knew they have not heard from me and reached out. If I have not reached back out I will. I just have been out of it.”

Sheree Whitfield closes out her video stating she will be posting additional information.

“I’ll post something after this to give anybody – if you have any questions or if you wanna know what any of my symptoms were.”

Sheree Whitfield’s announcement comes on the heels of 31-year-old Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook’s announcement that he also tested positive for the virus, which was declared a pandemic earlier this year.

Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and retired baller Dwyane Wade recently spoke out against the lack of urgency displayed in the public’s response to the virus.

On July 13, Khloe Kardashian tweeted stating people “are not taking #COVID19 seriously” and urging people to stay safe so “we can stop the spread together” as the cases in LA spiked.

Dwyane Wade also posted a picture with his mask urging those in Miami’s county, Dade County to “please wear your mask” as they have also experienced a spike in cases.

Praying Sheree has a speedy recovery!


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