Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy Had A Pact To Never Make A ‘Coming To America’ Sequel 

Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy Had A Pact To Never Make A ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

The 1988 romantic comedy film ‘Coming To America’ has become a fan favorite for many people since its release. Even though the movie has developed a cult following it’s taken more than 30 years for a sequel to be filmed. During a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Arsenio Hall revealed that despite the success of the original movie, he and Eddie Murphy made a pact to never do a follow-up project for ‘Coming To America.’ He said,

“It took 30 years because we never planned on doing it. In fact, we shook and said, ‘Let’s never do a sequel.’ We were so happy with it. It was perfect, we’re never going to mess with it.”

According to Arsenio Hall, the pair decided to revisit their pact from many years ago because of the love and support they still receive from the fans of their movie. Arsenio Hall shared with Stephen Colbert that even though the film came out more than three decades ago, he kept coming across Coming to America-themed events on social media that he’d share with Eddie Murphy.

Arsenio Hall also shared that once Eddie Murphy finally pitched his idea for the sequel he loved everything except for who he wanted to play his son. He said,

“[Eddie Murphy] wanted Tracy Morgan to play his son — and I think Eddie and Tracy look about the same age. But, he’s Eddie Murphy, so you have to say it easy. You know what I did, I did it in joke form and said, ‘Maybe in the third one, Morgan Freeman can be your son.’ “

Tracy Morgan won’t be playing Eddie’s son in the sequel, but he will still be in the movie. Coming 2 America will be released digitally on Prime Video on March 5th.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel