Charges Against Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Dropped Permanently

Charges Against Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Dropped Permanently

Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor who was charged with firing a shot at police officers who entered her apartment, no longer has to worry about facing charges.

Kenneth Walker was previously charged with assault and attempted murder after his gunfire hit Louisville Metro Police Sargeant John Mattingly. Kenneth Walker has maintained that he believed it was intruders coming into the apartment when he opened fire. The officers were executing a no-knock warrant and tragically struck and killed Breonna Taylor when they returned gunshots. None of the officers were charged directly for her death.

The charges against Kenneth Walker were initially dropped without prejudice in May 2020, but that meant he could face the charges again.

Now, a judge has dismissed them permanently after prosecutors actually to have them tossed them for good.

They wrote in court documents that after looking

“into this matter [we] have concluded and no new information relevant to the charges against (Walker) in this matter has been brought to the Commonwealth’s attention.”

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens agreed with the prosecutors and dropped the charges.

Walker’s lawyer, Steve Romines, said the judge made the decision because of a civil lawsuit he recently filed for Walker. He explained,

“You are protected from even being arrested by law, if you act in self defense in your own home. Yet, that didn’t occur here. Kenny was arrested that night and jailed, prosecuted, indicted.”

He also alleged earlier this month that Walker was charged so police could allegedly “cover up” Breonna Taylor’s death. He wrote on March 4th,

“Every piece of evidence from when they falsely arrested and indicted him a year ago up till today prove that Kenny acted in self defense and was immune from prosecution. Yet he was framed and charged to cover up Breonna’s killing. This is but a first step”

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