Breonna Taylor – 3 Grand Jurors Push For Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron To Get Impeached

Breonna Taylor, Daniel Cameron

Breonna Taylor – 3 Grand Jurors Push For Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron To Get Impeached

As the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s tragic death nears, three people who served on the grand jury in her case are calling for the impeachment of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. 

As previously reported, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police who were executing a no-knock search warrant on her apartment. While public outcry demanded the three officers involved to get arrested, Daniel Cameron announced that a grand jury decided not to indict the policemen for charges related to Breonna Taylor’s death. Instead, former Louisville Metro Police Department Detective Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for shots fired in a neighboring apartment.

Since then, multiple members of the grand jury have called out Daniel Cameron.

In October, an anonymous grand juror said they were never presented with murder charges against the officers. 

Now, three grand jurors have filed a petition, urging for the State Legislature to impeach Daniel Cameron. They accuse him of falsifying information to the media to help his own image.

He alleged in the press conference that the jurors didn’t want to move forward with potential homicide charges against the officers, but now the three jurors say those charges were never presented to them as an option. In fact, the only alleged charge they were informed of was wanton endangerment.

They said Daniel Cameron used them as “a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility.”

At the same time, a petition on has also called for Daniel Cameron to be removed from office.

So far, nearly 1,200 of the 1,500 goal have signed as of Saturday, Jan. 23rd.

It reads:

“AG Daniel Cameron has time and again proven he does not care about all of us as Kentuckians. He refuses to take action on the murderers of EMT Breonna Taylor.  He files frivolous lawsuits over the COVID-19 Pandemic response that will result in Kentuckians getting sick. His lawsuits will result in the preventable deaths of hundreds of Kentuckians. He is only listening to a very small part of his constituents. He needs to step down, or the KY General Assembly needs to remove him from office.”

To the General Assembly of Kentucky- You have a responsibility to impeach and remove him from office. OR allow the citizens of this great state the ability to recall him in a special election.  When someone is actively working against the interests of your constituents, you have a duty to protect them. In the time of a pandemic, the words of public health officials need to be heeded.” 

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