H.E.R. – My Debut Album Is Coming!

H.E.R. Confirms Debut Album is Coming

Coming off of two chart-topping EP’s, touring with Chris Brown, and a killer BET Awards performance, the ever-elusive singer H.E.R. (real name Gabriellea ‘Gabi’ Wilson) just confirmed she’s releasing her official debut album soon. She explained,

I’m releasing a debut album…So much has happened just off those two EP’s. So I’m hoping people will react the same to my debut album.

Her announcement comes just a few weeks after her social media post about female singers uplifting each other in female camaraderie.

H.E.R. & Janet Jackson

H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) burst into the scene two years ago after releasing her first EP, “H.E.R. Volume One” in 2016, followed by “H.E.R. Volume Two” in 2017. Both projects made the Billboard Charts and catapulted the mysterious singer into the spotlight. But even with huge songs like “Focus” and “Best Part” featuring Daniel Caesar, H.E.R. doesn’t seem to be planning on giving up the anonymous act anytime soon. And still continues to try and stay as low-key as possible on social media and in person by wearing her signature big sunglasses, and covering her face in pictures.

Now the singer didn’t give an official release date for the album, but she did hint at possibly headlining her own tour to promote the album. But until then you can catch H.E.R. on the “Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour” with Chris Brown.

By: Jade Hicks

Authored by: Kellie Williams