Kanye West Invites Colin Kaepernick To Meet W/ Donald Trump

Kanye West Invites Colin Kaepernick To Meet With Donald Trump

Earlier in the week, amidst Kanye West‘s erratic pro-Trump behavior, the Chicago rapper sat down with TMZ for a heart to heart interview that was bizarre to say the least. During the interview, Kanye suggested that he had been trying to get in contact with Colin Kaepernick so that he may set up a meeting between the football player and the president.

Colin Kaepernick

According to Kanye, his intent is to bring Colin to the White House so that Kaep and Trump can make amends, specifically as it pertains to Trump referring to the football players who took a knee to protest police brutality as “sons of bitches.” He explained,

I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so that I can bring Colin to the White House and we can remove that “sons of bitches” statement and we can be on the same page.

Donald Trump, Kanye West (circa 2016)

It can be assumed that after the interview aired, Kanye has still not heard back from Colin because on Wednesday, the rapper took to Twitter to get the message out. Kanye tweeted:

Reaching out to Colin Kaepernick. I would like you to speak with the president to tell him your experience directly. Let’s have a dialogue not a diatribe.

As of now, Kaepernick has not publicly responded to Kanye’s request.

Authored by: Eleven8