Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Could Be Cleared Of All Charges For Good

Breonna Taylor, Kenneth Walker

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Could Be Cleared Of All Charges For Good

Kenneth Walkerthe boyfriend of the late Breonna Taylorcould be permanently cleared of his charges soon.

According to new reports, Kenneth Walker, who fired a warning shot at police as they entered Breonna Taylor’s apartment to execute a no-knock warrant, could be close to getting the charges against him dismissed for good. He has maintained that he believed they were intruders.

Kenneth Walker was previously charged with assault and attempted murder of a police officer. While the charges were dropped last year, it was without prejudice so they could arise again if new information comes out.

Prosecutors have now said that there’s “no new information relevant to the charges.”

His lawyer Steve Romines said in an interview with WLKY,

“Kenneth is relieved that, after the worst year of his life, prosecutors have finally acknowledged that he did nothing wrong and acted in self-defense. He looks forward to continuing the fight to hold the real wrongdoers accountable for the harm that they’ve caused. Both he, individually, and our community, as a whole, cannot begin the process of healing until that happens.”

Romines is pushing for the charges to be dropped with prejudice so they can’t be filed in the future.

In October, Kenneth Walker shared his side of what happened in his sit down with Gayle King. 

Walker, who’s licensed to carry a gun added that he was “definitely afraid” when police busted into the apartment.

“But I don’t have much room to be afraid ’cause I got someone here that I gotta take care of… At that point, we’re getting up to put on clothes, make ourselves decent to answer the door. Then I grab my gun…That was the one time I had to use it. If it was police and they just said ‘We’re the police’ me or Breonna didn’t have a reason at all not to open the door to see what they wanted.” 

He said once the door was busted open, he fired a warning shot to scare off who he thought was coming into the apartment, and gunfire was returned.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many gunshots. I’ve never been to war but I assume that’s what war probably sounds like…I still try to make sense of it to this day. There was nowhere to hide, bullets coming at every direction.”

He added that he was holding Breonna Taylor’s hand when she screamed and he realized she had been hit. He tried to pull her to the ground but said she was scared and didn’t get down. He said she was still alive even after gunfire and he contacted his mother immediately.

“I told her someone kicked in the door and shot Breonna. She’s freaking out at this point. She told me to call 911 so I did.”

Sadly, Breonna Taylor passed away. No officers involved were charged in direct relation to her death.

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