Aretha Franklin’s Alleged 4th Will Found In Detroit

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s Alleged 4th Will Found In Detroit

Did Aretha Franklin have four wills to her name before she died?

It’s looking that way.

A new will attributed to Aretha Franklin has surfaced in Detroit, marking what could be her fourth document, according to Detroit Free Press. 

The new will was said to be typed and drafted with Dickinson Wright law firm in 2018. If so, this would be the most recent document to date. Still, Aretha Franklin never actually signed it. But a document filed in Oakland County Probate Court came with a contract between Dickinson Wright and the singer, which she signed in late 2017. It also included handwritten letters she allegedly wrote the firm that referenced specifics of the will. Her second-youngest son, Ted White II, filed the documents, which allegedly surfaced in “late in 2019”, according to reports.

Aretha Franklin

While it was presumed Aretha Franklin didn’t have a will when she passed away in August 2018, three different wills were found in her home the following year. Two were dated for 2010 while one was dated 2014.

Her family has been battling in court to determine which, if any, of the wills are valid and who will represent her estate. The matter was set for a jury trial that was postponed because of COVID-19.

Her youngest son, Kecalf Franklin, wants the role as one of the wills names him for it. Still, Ted White has challenged it and said the control should be shared equally between him, Kecalf Franklin, and their brother Edward Franklin, who has previously backed Kecalf Franklin representing the estate.

The fourth son, Clarence Franklin, who is the oldest, has battled with special needs. The most updated will mandates for a trust to be established in his name and divides the “RESPECT” singer’s $6.7 million in assets among the three remaining sons. Her infamous furs would be shared between her niece Sabrina Owens and cousin Brenda Corbett. Sabrina Owens previously stepped away from representing the estate last January.

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