Aretha Franklin’s Niece Resigns As Rep Of Her Estate Amid Family Drama + Speaks Out: My Role Has Become More Contentious

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s Niece Resigns As Rep Of Her Estate Amid Family Drama + Speaks Out: My Role Has Become More Contentious

Aretha Franklin‘s niece just made a bold move in hopes of preserving respect among their feuding family. According to reports, the late icon’s niece, Sabrina Owens, has officially put in her two-weeks notice to step down as executive representative of her aunt’s estate. Since Aretha’s 2018 death, Sabrina Owens has been overseer of all posthumous activity regarding music and likeness. She has negotiated film projects, including the upcoming Jennifer Hudson-led biopic, music licensing, and award show tributes. However, Sabrina says troubled waters rushed in when three handwritten wills were found in Aretha Franklin’s home.

Aretha Franklin

In a formal letter, Sabrina wrote:

“That is when relationships began to deteriorate with the heirs…She trusted me and was always confident I would exercise good judgment and try to make the best decisions on her behalf. She often said that I was ‘worth my weight in gold.'”

She continued:

“My primary goal was to honor my aunt by handling her business professionally, fairly and within the law. In spite of my best efforts, my role with the estate has become more contentious with the heirs. Given my aunt’s deep love of family and desire for privacy, this is not what she would have wanted for us, nor is it what I want.”

Sabrina Owens also revealed that she was the first to find out about the legendary singer’s cancer diagnosis in 2010 when Aretha Franklin’s physician couldn’t reach her. Sabrina noted:

“He asked that I locate her immediately and direct her to ‘turn the bus around.’ It became clear to me that my aunt’s health was steadily declining.”

Six months prior to the singer’s death, Aretha prompted Sabrina Owens to begin making arrangements:

“I quietly started drafting the blueprint for her home-going service, based on what I believed my aunt would have wanted.”

Sabrina Owens ended the document by stating her hopes for family unity upon her professional exit:

“I hope that my departure will allow the business of the estate to continue, calm the rift in my family and allow me to return to my personal life. I love my cousins, hold no animosity towards them, and wish them the best.”

She will continue as the estate’s executor until the position is filled. The family’s first scheduled court hearing is March 3rd.

Read Sabrina Owens’ full letter HERE

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay