Candace Owens Says She’s ‘100 Percent Suing Cardi B’ After Their Heated Exchange On Twitter

Candace Owens, Cardi B

Candace Owens Says She’s ‘100 Percent Suing Cardi B’ After Their Heated Exchange On Twitter

Cardi B and Candace Owens got into another ugly Twitter fight, but this could end with the conservative political analyst suing the Grammy-winning rapper.

Their latest feud started after Candace Owens reacted to Cardi B’s “WAP” performance at the Grammys.



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Cardi B seemed flattered as she responded to being a topic of conversation on Fox News. Candace replied,

“Just @ me next time, directly. You are a cancer cell to culture. Young black girls are having their minds poisoned by what you are trying to package and sell to them as “empowerment”. I’m one of the few that has courage to tell you the truth. You should thank me.”

That led to a back and forth between the two that went on for hours on Twitter.

Cardi B then blasted Candace Owens for marrying a white man.

Candace Owens and her husband, George Farmer

Candace Owens replied,

“Making my husband a sandwich is not submissive. Cooking for your family is not submissive. Yes, a good woman should take care of her family. And yes, a good man does the same. My relationship is healthy. You can’t say the same so maybe take some notes.”

She then alleged Cardi B is submissive to white men by asking,

“Who owns your record labels? Who owns CBS and the GRAMMY’s? Who made the mostmoney off of your WAP? You sold it to who?”

See more of their exchange below, including Cardi B pointing out that Candace was once a fan.

Cardi B then referenced a tweet that appeared to come from Candace Owens’ account that her husband cheated with her brother. That’s when Candace threatened to get her lawyers involved, stating that the tweet was photoshopped.

Cardi B, Offset

She wrote that she is “100% suing Cardi B.” She also referenced Cardi B’s husband Offset’s previous infidelity and wrote,

“Only one of us has a husband that sleeps around.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson