Father Of Donovon Lynch, Pharrell’s Cousin, Questions Why Police Shot Him, Calls Out Cops For Not Having Body Cam Footage

Father Of Donovon Lynch, Pharrell’s Cousin, Questions Why Police Shot Him, Calls Out Cops For Not Having Body Cam Footage

The father of Donovon Lynch has spoken out and questioned the actions of the police officer who shot him.

As previously reported, Donovon Lynch, cousin to producer Pharrell Williams, died after being shot in the torso and thigh, the Virginia Office of the Chief Medical examiner confirmed.  The shooting officer, whose identity hasn’t been made public, was in the area responding to other reports of gunfire. That officer and another policeman told homicide investigators that Lynch was carrying a handgun. A witness also said Lynch had a gun earlier in the evening. A weapon was recovered at the scene but no evidence links it to Lynch. In a previous press release, before he was identified, Lynch was described as an “armed citizen.”

It’s not clear what happened before shots were fired as the shooting officer’s bodycam wasn’t activated. The officer has been placed on administrative leave.

Donovon Lynch’s father, Wayne Lynch, spoke to local Virginia Beach news station WAVY and said,

“He was an angel to everybody that he came in contact with. That’s why there is so much outpouring of love and support and people in disbelief. They know my family. They know we’re not like this. He didn’t have anything to do with none of that. And for them to portray him like that is wrong. It’s wrong.”

He said one of Donovon Lynch’s friends informed him Donovon had been shot, adding:
“I went to three hospitals and couldn’t find him. I then found out he was still at the scene and he was dead.”
He went on to share his concerns about what happened.

“Don is a business owner. His business is a security company, and he is legally registered and has a concealed weapons permit. The gun was not out… It could not be seen… I am wondering why he was shot.” 

Police have maintained that they saw a gun but Wayne Lynch said he’s convinced one of the guns that were fired at the scene did not belong to his late son. Police haven’t told the public if it was Donovon’s 9mm Ruger that was fired.

Wayne Lynch also called out police for not having body camera footage.

“They can’t use that excuse. That excuse has been used way too much… They spent $5.5 million on body cams, and dash cams, and they are not being utilized… Police policy is to have them on…the officer had time to turn it on, and did not.” 

He continued and shared his grief.

“The pain is unbearable, really. I cannot believe my son won’t be walking through the door. One person told me, and I cried. He said there was only one person on earth that walked around with wings on his back, and it was Donovon. That describes Donovon perfectly.”

Pharrell Williams broke his silence on the loss earlier this week.

Continued prayers for everyone impacted by this tragedy. 

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