Late Actress Naya Rivera Will Voice The Role Of Catwoman In Upcoming Animated Batman Movie For Her Final Film

Naya Rivera

Late Actress Naya Rivera Will Voice The Role Of Catwoman In Upcoming Animated Batman Movie For Her Final Film

Late actress Naya Rivera’s last movie role has recently been announced. According to reports, Naya Rivera was able to complete her voice work for her character Catwoman/Selina Kyle in “Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One” before her untimely death last July. Other famous actors that will voice characters in the film are Josh Duhamel, Billy Burke, and Titus Welliver. A release date for the animated film has yet to be announced.

As previously reported, Naya Rivera, unfortunately, drowned during a boating trip in California’s Lake Piru on July 8, 2020. Her young son, who was with her at the time of the incident, was found alive on the boat. Following the tragic event, Naya Rivera’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey filed a wrongful death lawsuit against The Ventura County Parks & Recreation on behalf of their five-year-old son.

Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey, Josey Dorsey

Ventura County Parks & Recreation officials recently responded to the lawsuit filed against them and claimed that Naya Rivera refused to wear the life vest that was offered to her, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. They filed a motion to strike, shutting down the argument that the boat wasn’t safe because it didn’t have flotation devices. A statement reads,

“Ms. Rivera was offered a life vest by Parks Management Company’s boat rental agent, which Ms. Rivera declined to wear, after which the rental agent put the vest in the rental boat.”

It continues,

“Regardless of whether they [The Family] allege that the boat was not equipped with flotation devices, a life vest was present in the boat at the time of the incident.”

Ryan Dorsey is saying the opposite in his lawsuit and claiming that Naya’s tragic passing was “utterly preventable”, claiming the boat was

“not equipped with a safely accessible ladder, adequate rope, an anchor, a radio, or any security mechanisms to prevent swimmers from being separated from their boats.”

He added that an inspection proved the boat

“was not even equipped with any flotation or lifesaving devices, in direct violation of California law.”

New court documents read,

“Other than the lack of an anchor, no facts are alleged demonstrating how a lack of any of these things caused [Naya’s] death. The pleading does not allege that Ms. Rivera died while attempting to climb back into the boat, and therefore a lack of a safety ladder did not cause her death. Rather, it is alleged that she had become separated from the boat. The only item missing from the boat which could actually have a casual connection to Ms. Rivera’s death was an anchor.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel