Model Duckie Thot Tells Fan Who Says She Looks ‘Like A Dark Skin White Girl’ To ‘F*** Off’

Duckie Thot

Model Duckie Thot Tells Fan Who Says She Looks ‘Like A Dark Skin White Girl’ To ‘F*** Off’

One Twitter user found out the hard way not to come for model Duckie Thot. 

They commented on a photo of her that was shared on MEFeater Magazine’s Twitter and said she looked “like a dark skin white girl”. 

The Australian model kept her response simple with,

“??? f*** off.”

The original tweet has since been deleted.

Duckie Thot, who placed third in cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model, has been open about being a woman of color in the past. Last June, she opened up about being a black woman in Australia.

She spoke on the recent #BlackOutTuesday and said,

“I woke up this morning with more black squares and posts about what’s going on around the world rather than what’s been going on to indigenous people in our countries since settlement… I’m disappointed, and I’m sad and I’m honestly extremely frustrated.”

She continued to push for Australians to speak up, especially for indigenous groups.

“Australians if you really support black lives matter, you will get behind the indigenous communities, and you will tell the world what’s going on and what has happened to the indigenous people to the black people in Australia. You will tell the story and you will tell the right story… You cannot ignore this.”


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She added that she’s suffered police brutality herself.

“Australia you have to join, you have to fight the right fight and you have to tell them the right thing right now… Be responsible. Hold yourselves accountable. I myself have experienced police brutality in Australia. I myself have been hit, I myself have been choked… you cannot fight this anymore. The whole world is listening… Do not let them know about Par- tell our story first… You cannot look across the ocean when you do not wanna look in your own backyard.”

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