RHOA’s Drew Sidora & LaToya Ali Make Up After Nearly Getting Physical: Let’s Just Start Over Sis!

RHOA’s Drew Sidora & LaToya Ali Make Up After Nearly Getting Physical: Let’s Just Start Over Sis!

Update #2 (April 20th): While Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali feuded all season on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it looks like they’re ready to put that behind them now that they have their first season under their belt.

Drew Sidora saluted all of the ladies on Twitter Monday (April 19) and wrote,

No matter what happened. This is a strong group of women. I’m so blessed to get a chance to get to know them and bond with them. We are #BLACKGIRLMAGIC #sisterhood

LaToya Ali agreed and added,

“We love you Queen Drew. Keep killing those wigs hunty yaaasss”

It looks like Drew Sidora is ready to end the drama as well. She told her,

Yes! let’s just start over sis #worldpeace

If the ladies return for season 14, viewers might have to wait to find out if they’re really done feuding.

Original Story (April 19th): Viewers saw The Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomers LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora feud all season. And on the finale Sunday night (April 18), things almost got physical between the YouTuber and “The Game” actress.

In the episode, Drew Sidora continued her allegations that LaToya Ali was having a secret relationship with Prophet Anthony Lott. 

LaToya Ali and Lott denied the rumor and made it clear she was going through a divorce at the time and was a single woman.



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Still, on the most recent episode, Drew stood by her allegations at Cynthia Bailey’s white elephant-themed “Friendsmas” gathering at Lake Bailey.

LaToya initially texted Cynthia Bailey ahead of the party saying she wasn’t going to come because, “I don’t want the drama.” Meanwhile, the ladies gifted one another with lavish gifts, and Kenya Moore opened the last one, which came from Drew.

Inside was a tape recording, a $100 donation to the Humane Society, and Drew’s wig that LaToya previously made fun of this season. Drew explains,

“This is actually the hair that Kenya was obsessed with, and LaToya.”

Porsha Williams asks Drew if she was “still going to give the $1,000 gift.”

Drew claims,

“That was $1,000, those bundles.”

She also tells cameras,

“It’s a gag gift. Let’s laugh about it and you got bundles. I spent my $1,000, so I followed the rules.”

She went on to explain the tape recording, which allegedly featured Prophet Lott talking to Drew’s assistant Danny about LaToya.

Drew said,

“So, everybody’s been talking about this whole prophet situation and literally God dropped this in my lap. My assistant Danny gave it to me. Danny was really hurt that Prophet Lott was not telling the truth and this was a conversation that they had. I just want y’all to sit back and listen because I do not lie.”

On the tape, Danny is heard asking Prophet Lott about his relationship with LaToya. He responds,

“Do I like her? I really do like her. She’s an awesome person. But I know the situation ’cause I’ve been there. I met my 3-year-old’s mom while I was still technically married.”

Drew tells the girls,

“He admits to liking LaToya, and he admits that when he was married, he started to date his baby’s mother.”

Kandi Burruss shares her thoughts and tells Drew,

“Do you understand why he’s saying that? He’s saying that he likes LaToya and that he understands the fact that she’s married and she’s moving on because he’s been married before and he moved on.”

Drew doubles down and says,

“If you don’t want the truth, that’s fine.”

Kandi tells her,

“It’s not about the truth.”

Kenya Moore then calls Drew “narc.”


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Right on cue, the doorbell rings, and in walks LaToya. Kenya Moore updates her on everything she’s missed, explaining that Drew 

 “just tried to present some stupid recording of a prophet talking about you.”

Drew responds,
“The truth will go forth. LaToya has issues and things going on, and we have had a lot of drama that she has brought into my life.”
LaToya and Drew exchange words as Drew yells,
“You weren’t looking for God! You were looking for some d—. You was looking for prophet d—.”
LaToya references Drew’s husband Ralph Pittman and says,
“And your man looking for some new p—-, ’cause yours is dried up.”
After the ladies go back and forth, LaToya decides to leave the party with Kenya. 


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But she quickly comes back after she forgets her gift. She and Drew get into another heated exchange as they argue about whether Drew is really dating Prophet Lott.
LaToya grabs the infamous wig and throws it at Drew, who quickly jumps up before two men step in to separate the ladies.


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Drew later expresses her frustration in a confessional and says,

“You will not put hands on me and you will not throw things at me. She is an animal and she needs to be tamed.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson