Erica Mena Is Still Calling Out Wendy Williams: No One Is Going To Disrespect Me

Erica Mena, Wendy Williams

Erica Mena Is Still Calling Out Wendy Williams: No One Is Going To Disrespect Me

Update #2 (May 7th): Erica Mena isn’t done with Wendy Williams yet. The reality star fired off a series of tweets Friday morning (May 7th), calling out the daytime talk show host.

She wrote,

“There was nothing more to really report on hot topics besides we are expecting another blessing. But as always this creature always wants to give advice on marriage, a subject she failed at. She never attacks the men who actually are at fault. It’s always her going at women.”

She continued,

“Me being one any chance she gets. For years I stood quiet when it comes to this creatures nasty statements. This time I played her own game. I don’t regret or take back anything. No one is going to constantly disrespect me and put limits on how I disrespect back.”

She ended with,

“Me irrelevant? Lol but all this attention and the opinions floating around strongly proves other wise. All I did was announce we’ve created more life and since then it’s been ugly energy. It really is a sick sad world y’all live in.”

Original Story (May 6th): Erica Mena isn’t here for Wendy Williams’ opinions on her marriage and pregnancy. Former Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena recently shared that she and her husband Safaree Samuels are expecting their second child together.

While discussing the latest pop culture topics on her talk show, Wendy Williams weighed in on the well-known couple and offered up some advice to the pair. She said,

“The thing about these two is that they’re always fighting and they’re threatening divorce.”

She added,

“I don’t really know you much Erica, but I do know Safaree enough and you all need to stop fighting and threatening divorce so much. And you all need to grow up and grow into being parents. And if you’re not gonna want to be married then just get a divorce and co-parent.”

Erica Mena wasted no time in responding to Wendy’s unsolicited advice. The soon-to-be mother of 3 took to Twitter and shared some seemingly harsh words towards the talk show host. She tweeted,

“@WendyWilliams At this point let’s link up so I can beat your a**. Your ex husband didn’t do a good enough job.”

She then tweeted,

“If you don’t exist to me what offends you don’t affect me.”

This isn’t the first time that Erica Mena has responded to critics about her current pregnancy. Earlier this week while on Instagram Live she called out people who have had negative things to say about her and Safaree having a second child together. She said,

“There’s been mistakes made, immaturely, but a marriage is a marriage—and unfortunately there’s been mishaps. In any marriage, sh*t happens. When you’re in the public eye, I think me and my husband have both realized, you know, that things should be kept in.”

She added,

“We’ve got a blessing here and you guys are really trying to be so negative and nasty about it that it really makes me pray. Like, you guys are [so] mean.”

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels married in October 2019. They welcomed their first child together, Safire, early last year.

Erica Mena, Safaree Samuels

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel