Drew Sidora Accuses LaToya Ali Of Having An Affair With A Prophet On ‘RHOA’ [WATCH]

Drew Sidora Accuses LaToya Ali Of Having An Affair With A Prophet On ‘RHOA’ [WATCH]

The drama between The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbies Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali continued on Sunday night’s (April 11th) episode of the hit Bravo series. Now, Drew Sidora is claiming the YouTube star had an affair with a prophet.

In the clip, the ladies discuss LaToya Ali’absence from an event. Kandi Burruss appears to know why she was MIA and asks Drew Sidora to explain. “The Game” actress says,

“I had gotten a call from Prophet Lott, and he told me that I guess you were upset or something.”

LaToya Ali, who currently has drama with her estranged husband Adam Ali, asks what she’s talking about, and Drew Sidora continues,

“He said you were upset because I had found out that you guys had been seeing each other.”

LaToya Ali responds,

“She’s such a drama queen!”

Drew Sidora then asks,

“Is that not true?”

LaToya tells her,

“I’m not entertaining her.”

Drew responds,

“But just know that I know. I just want you to know real lives have been affected… Didn’t you tell Cynthia that you met somebody from Texas?”

Cynthia Bailey co-signs and says Drew previously told her she met someone from Texas during her spiritual journey but didn’t say it was a prophet.

Drew points out that the prophet she’s referring to is actually from Texas. LaToya adds,

“The prophet’s the only one from Texas?”

Drew continues,

“And he broke up with his fiancée, and he has a baby?”

LaToya wants to know how she’s connected to that, and Drew tells her,

“I can’t have a conversation with somebody that doesn’t keep it real. It’s not some made-up story, so if you just don’t want to be honest then that’s fine. But if you’re on a spiritual journey, I think the first step is just to tell the truth.”

LaToya disagrees and says,

“I think the first step is for you to shut up because you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about… I was on a four-week program with him. He was advising me spiritually every Wednesday.”

Drew chimes in,

“So is that why your mom thought you were with him? Because you got a hotel room for Prophet Lott. Am I lying?”

LaToya tells her,


Drew says the prophet had to pull out of doing her child’s blessing because of the drama with LaToya.

See their full exchange below.



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Fans quickly took to Twitter to respond to their dispute.

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