Daniel Kaluuya Thanks His Parents for Having Sex During His Oscar Accepting Speech

Daniel Kaluuya

Oscar Winner Daniel Kaluuya Thanks His Parents for Having Sex During His Speech

Parents, perhaps, have been the subject of embarrassment from their children when given an appreciation for their dedication for a number of years.

From Shad “Bow Wow” Moss’ daughter telling her father’s business on Instagram to Willow Smith praising her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, honesty during the infamous “entanglement” with singer August Alsina, parents are the soul of stories.

During Sunday’s Academy Awards, newly winner Daniel Kaluuya mentioned his parents’ sex life during his speech after winning best supporting actor for his role in “Judas and the Black Messiah.”

Daniel Kaluuya, who’s technically a part of the late millennial group, may have overshared to the current Z generation. The 32-year-old British-born actor doted on his appreciation for conceiving him.

“You got to celebrate life, man! We’re breathing, walking, it’s incredible. It’s incredible. Like, it’s incredible. My mom met dad, they had sex. It’s amazing.”

Daniel Kaluuya’s mother, Damalie Namusoke, witnessed her son’s Oscar win at the BFI in London. However, her reaction to her son’s moment of joy rested in the hands of possible slight embarrassment.

He continued,

“I’m here. You know what I mean? I’m so happy to be alive. So, I’m going to celebrate that tonight… I appreciate every single person in the room, i appreciate everyone watching at home. You know, peace, love, and onwards, we go again!”
The Black Panther actor stated during his press room interview that his mother would be “cool” about his confession.
Kaluuya portrays late Black Panther leader Fred Hampton in the film. The biopic is based on the assassination of the influential leader after FBI informant and chief of security for the Black Panther organization, William O’Neal, betrayed him. O’Neal would later commit suicide nearly two decades later post Hampton’s death.
Up next, Oscar winner is set to produce a live-action Barney film in association with a toy company, Mattel.
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Authored by: Èmil Flemmon