Dionne Warwick’s Biopic On Hold Due To Bullying Allegations Against Producer

Dionne Warwick’s Biopic On Hold Due To Bullying Allegations Against Producer

Could the esteemed Dionne Warwick biopic be jeopardized over a workplace scandal surrounding its producer?

As previously reported, plans of a Dionne Warwick biopic began after the singer and actress pitched the idea to Netflix via Twitter. She was also adamant about Teyana Taylor playing her in the prospective project.

Everything seemed all set to go, as Teyana Taylor and Netflix were both fully on board with the idea of a Dionne Warwick biopic series.

Recently, sources told TMZ that film producer Scott Rudin reached out to Dionne Warwick to get plans in the works for a movie version of her prospective biopic. Scott Rudin is known for works like The Social Network. His plans with the “That’s What Friends Are For” performer have reportedly been in the works since January.

However, The Hollywood Reporter broke a story earlier this month (April 7th) that outlined Scott Rudin’s allegedly abusive workplace behavior. These allegations include throwing a glass bowl at an employee, smashing a computer monitor onto an assistant’s hand, and various other acts of workplace aggression and abuses of power. Resultingly, Rudin has become embroiled in controversy.

As a result of the allegations against Rudin, TMZ‘s sources reported that Dionne Warwick and her team have distanced themselves from the producer and formally backed out of the deal. The agreement was reportedly still not finalized at the time The Hollywood Reporter‘s story broke.

However, the biopic itself is still very much a possibility… just not as a Rudin-produced film at this point in time.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley