Stacey Abrams Says She ‘Absolutely’ Wants To Run For President One Day

Stacey Abrams Says She ‘Absolutely’ Wants To Run For President One Day

Stacey Abrams has made waves as she tackled voter suppression in Georgia earlier this year, but her political aspirations are far from complete.

Stacey Abrams, who also ran for Georgia governor in 2018, said she plans on running for the highest office in the nation one day.

She is certainly a multi-talented public figure as she also has released eight romance novels under the name Selena Montgomery. While speaking on her newest with CBS Sunday Morning, she explained her desire to run for president of the United States.

“Do I hold it as an ambition? Absolutely.”

Stacey Abrams continued,

“And even more importantly, when someone asks me if that’s my ambition, I have a responsibility to say ‘Yes,’ for every young woman, every person of color, who sees me and decides what they’re capable of based on what I think I am capable of.”

She concluded,

“You cannot have those things you refuse to dream of.”

Meanwhile, her accolades are already being saluted as she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in February thanks to her efforts and fight for voter rights. She was credited for flipping Georgia blue in the heated Senate race earlier this year. The recipient will be announced in October.

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Authored by: Char Patterson