Stacey Abrams Stands By Her Claims New Georgia Voting Law Is Racist As She’s Grilled By Republicans [WATCH]

Stacey Abrams Stands By Her Claims New Georgia Voting Law Is Racist As She’s Grilled By Republicans [WATCH]

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy inquired about Stacey Abrams‘ objections to Georgia’s controversial voter suppression law–and he got his answer!

In a video uploaded to Twitter by the Senate Democrats’ official account, John Kennedy attempts to clarify Georgia politician Stacey Abrams’ thoughts on the law, including her allegations that it is racist. After Stacey Abrams stands firm in her belief, John Kennedy retorts:

“Tell me specifically. Just give me a list of the provisions that you objected.”

Without missing a beat, Abrams begins naming the limitative aspects of the controversial new Georgia law, including:

  • limitations on absentee ballot requests
  • a shortened federal runoff period (from 9 weeks to 4 weeks)
  • requirements of having and surrendering a photo ID to complete an absentee ballot
  • limitations on drop-box availability
  • bans on out-of-precinct votes
  • limitations of voting hours

Despite asking Abrams to provide a list, Kennedy can be heard chiming in with questions like:

“What else?”

Later, he interrupted again, asking:

“Is that everything?”

Ultimately, Kennedy relented and ended the conversation, claiming that he understood the picture.

Stacey Abrams isn’t the only one speaking out against Georgia’s voter suppression law. Among other politicians like Joe Biden and Georgia Rep. Park Cannon, who was arrested for knocking on Gov. Brian Kemp’s door while he signed the law, Georgia-native Tyler Perry also spoke out.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Perry stated:

 “I’m resting my hope in the DOJ taking a hard look at this unconstitutional voter suppression law that harkens to the Jim Crow era.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley