Clermont Twins Start Feud With City Girls After Rap Duo Strikes A Similar Pose: They Hate, Then They Copy

Clermont Twins Start Feud With City Girls After Rap Duo Strikes A Similar Pose: They Hate, Then They Copy

It looks like there’s beef between City Girls and The Clermont twins now!

Yesterday (Monday, May 17th), Yung Miami announced on Twitter that City Girls would be surprising fans with something special.

However, one portion of the short video announcement caught the ire of The Clermont Twins ( Shannon and Shannade Clermont). The video shows Yung Miami and JT having a photoshoot. At one point they pose with JT arching her back on top of Yung Miami. The Clermont Twins felt that the rap duo was trying to copy a similar pose they had done before, specifically in the video for Nicki Minaj‘s “Good Form.”

City Girls

Clermont Twins in “Good Form”

Shannon Clermont was the first to comment on the matter, making a series of Tweets suggesting City Girls copied the twins’ pose, outright asking:

“[Were] they like can you recreate this pose the Clermont twins did?”

She also tweeted,

“They hate… then they copy”

In response to Shannon Clermont‘s shade, Yung Miami replied, confirming that they thought the twins’ pose “was cute” and wanted to try it out. She then claimed to “love” and “openly support” the Clermont twins.

Shannon Clermont then seemingly challenges Yung Miami and the tweet she tagged her in, asking “lets not go there? Cause what?”

JT chimed in shortly thereafter, commenting on the absurdity of the argument and claiming:

“I’m so sick of beefing with b*****s I never met for no reason! Y’all take clothes & content way too serious man y’all h**s act like a b***h be trying to take y’all crack blocks.”

Shannade Clermont then made her feelings on the subject known, claiming to have love for City Girls but that the Clermont twins still deserved credit for their pose.

The online drama ended with JT‘s reply to Shannon Clermont saying “Im tired of these fake fashion b*****s,” responding in part:

“These magazines & brands not! Y’all be scared to see other women grow & learn.”

Neither City Girls nor the Clermont twins have further commented on the matter.

What do you think about the situation between City Girls and the Clermont twins? Comment down below to let us know!

Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley