Issa Rae Announces Upcoming Docuseries ‘Sweet Life’, Inspired By BET’s Baldwin Hills

Issa Rae Announces Upcoming Docuseries ‘Sweet Life’, Inspired By BET’s Baldwin Hills

With her HBO series Insecure gearing up for its fifth and final season, Issa Rae has her eyes set on future pursuits!

During her interview with Vanity Fair, producer Issa Rae (real name Jo-Issa Rae Diop) dished on her plans for the future. Although she is still writing, producing, and starring in the final season of InsecureIssa Rae seems ready to take on the world once that wraps up!

Reportedly, Rae is preparing to direct a docuseries called Sweet Life, which would follow Black young adults living in L.A.’s Baldwin Hills neighborhood. This upcoming series was allegedly inspired by the 2007 Baldwin Hills BET series.

Additionally, Issa Rae is producing an adapted version of the podcast Nice White Parents. She is also writing, producing, and starring in Perfect Strangers, which is based off of an Italian dramatic-comedy.

Staying on the topic of adaptations, it’s also worth noting that Rae is working on a revival of the HBO docuseries Project Greenlight, which provided aspiring filmmakers with the means to get started in the industry. The original series was shut down due to a controversy around actor Matt Damon‘s comments on diversity, but Issa Rae wants to revamp it to help assist overlooked directors. Rae claims:

“I want this version of the show to make filmmaking feel attainable.”

On top of these new projects, Issa Rae is also working on producing the next season of A Black Lady Sketch Show.

As we can see, Issa Rae has no plans of slowing down once Insecure finishes!

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Authored by: Nick Fenley