Former Basketball Player Kwame Brown Hurls Insults At Matt Barnes + Matt Barnes Responds: You Need A Hug, Bro


Former Basketball Player Kwame Brown Hurls Insults At Matt Barnes + Matt Barnes Responds: You Need A Hug, Bro

Former basketball player Kwame Brown took to IG Live this weekend, and verbally annihilated retired NBA star Matt Barnes and others in a tirade that left people completely bewildered.

It’s not clear what lead to Kwame Brown’s rant, but he suggested Matt Barnes has spoken negatively about him multiple times in the media.

In Kwame Brown’s viral message, he made several disparaging comments about Matt Barnes and his past family issues, including his feud with Derek Fisher.

“You want to sit here and make me look a certain way boy, when some n***a done ate yo food, Derek Fisher done opened your door to your house, Derek Fisher got your keys to your truck, you b**ch a** n***a. Send him some gas money so he can pick dem kids up.” 

Gloria Govan, Derek Fisher

Several years ago, Matt Barnes and his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Derek Fisher, were involved in a physical altercation after Barnes found out Derek Fisher was dating his ex-wife Gloria GovanFisher and Gloria Govan have since gotten engaged.

Kwame Brown’s insults didn’t stop there as he continued to spew insults, adding:

“You keep hitting me with basketball jokes, I keep hitting you with your real soft a**, punk a** life.” 

Brown went on to say:

“You n***as want to sit on tv and act like y’all n***as perfect, and you can’t respect when a man tells you when you’re wrong bruh. Well let the gloves come off…I ain’t got s**t to lose, I ain’t got no big podcast. You the dumb n***a that keeps responding to a n***a that you bigger than. You stupid mfer. You ain’t learned nothing cause you think you tough.” 

He finished the video with:

“A light skinned n***a like you with slick a** hair should be acting like drake and taking n***as girls, but no…you getting your girl took cause you wanna be a thug, smoke weed and play cards all night, punk.” 


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Matt Barnes has since responded to Brown’s Live video. Here’s what Matt had to say:

“I was busy this weekend coaching so I missed all the whole s**t going on on the internet with this Kwame Brown s**t. I was confused because I never said nothing about dude, but obviously coming for us, or coming for me, you know you gon’ get attention. I think that’s all you were searching for. Bro, you been getting made fun of since you entered the league cause you didn’t live up to expectations, people laugh and joke about you all the time. Me, I didn’t do that. Never laughed, never joked bacasuse I don’t talk about people like that. I asked my team, did I do something because I know I be high out here so did I miss something? They said I tapped Jack’s knee when something was said so that’s what got you mad, me tapping somebody’s knee? You need a hug bro.”

He continued,

“Once I heard you talking s**t, I DM’d you like a man because I felt if it was something I really said, we could talk about it. But you chose to ignore that and take the s**t to the internet. So, I mean again, if you gon be mad at anybody, be mad at MJ for believing in you and picking you number one. I didn’t do that. I don’t know you, never talked about you, and tried to come to you like a man and you chose to go on the internet, so it is what it is. Funny guy.”



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Authored by: MiMi James