Amber Rose Seemingly DMs TikTok Star, Accuses Her Of Talking To Boyfriend AE

Amber Rose Seemingly DMs TikTok Star, Accuses Her Of Talking To Boyfriend AE

It looks like Amber Rose isn’t shy about getting to the bottom of her suspicions!

Yesterday (Monday, May 24th), TikTok user @ohsoyoujas shared a video that shows Amber Rose sliding into her DMs. It appears as though Amber Rose was the one who initiated the conversation, seemingly inquiring about an unavailable message supposedly sent by the TikToker.

After receiving a response, Amber Rose proceeded to accuse the TikTok user of unsending her message, though she claims it’s “All good.” Then, Amber Rose claims the TikToker talked to Alex “AE” Edwards, whom she shares a child with and is dating. Rose claimed:

“I know you talked to Alex before. I’m not trippin babe.”

She continued:

“I was being nosy and looked through his blocked list on his phone. You came up. Then I found ur page and saw that you sent me a message. Didn’t know if you were trying to tell me something?”

Amber Rose, AE

Then, the TikTok user provides screenshots showing that Amber Rose followed her on Instagram and kept messaging her, with timestamps included to show the progression of events.

Since the video blew up, @ohsoyoujas made her Instagram and TikTok pages private. Before she made her TikTok page private, however, it also appeared as though she deleted the video in question.

Neither Amber Rose nor Alex “AE” Edwards have commented on the interaction.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley