Pop Smoke Murder Defendant’s Parents Want To Speak With Slain Rapper’s Family, Pop Smoke’s Mother Responds With Uncertainty

Pop Smoke Murder Defendant’s Parents Aim To Speak With Slain Rapper’s Family, Pop Smoke’s Mother Responds With Uncertainty

The parents of one of Pop Smoke‘s murder defendants is requesting to meet with the rapper’s family.

Pop Smoke (real name Bashar Barakah Jackson) was murdered during a home invasion last February. Of the four suspects, only one was not a minor at the time of the murder: 20-year old Christopher Walker. Now, Christopher Walker‘s family is seeking to speak privately with Pop Smoke‘s loved ones.

This information comes from New York Daily News‘ correspondence with Christopher Walker‘s defense attorney. Yesterday (Thursday, June 3rd), lawyer Christopher Darden told the news outlet:

“The Walker family has asked me to contact the victim’s family so that they might speak privately. I hope to reach out to the family soon.”

However, the attorney was sure to acknowledge that Pop Smoke‘s family may understandably not be ready for such a conversation, saying:

“They might need time. I will also understand if the family is not inclined to have that conversation. Everything we have done and said has been done and said while keeping in mind the great respect we have for the victim and the victim’s family.”

In response, Pop Smoke‘s mother–Audrey Jackson, who’s a teacher in New York City–told New York Daily News:

“This is new information to me. I’ll have to learn more. I’m working on a lesson plan right now. That is my focus. I really can’t say.”

Pop Smoke‘s mother is focusing on her work in the wake of her son’s violent murder. Resultingly, she is unsure of whether or not she should speak with Christopher Walker‘s family. However, her stating “I’ll have to learn more” seems to imply that she may be open to a conversation with the family in the future.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley