Dr. Dre Is Legally Single, Still Has Battle Over Prenup Ahead In Divorce From Nicole Young

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young

Dr. Dre Is Legally Single, Still Has Battle Over Prenup Ahead In Divorce W/ Nicole Young

Dr. Dre is officially back on the market!

The music mogul’s single status was restored as a judge signed off on his divorce from Nicole Young.

Still, there are lots of issues that are unsettled such as whether the prenup they had is valid. Nicole Young previously claimed that she signed it under duress and that Dr. Dre (real name Andre Young) once ripped it to prove his love to her. Still, Dr. Dre’s legal team argued that the document was valid because there is no paperwork to back Nicole Young’s statements.

Whether the prenup is valid will determine how property is distributed.

Dr. Dre first asked to be declared single in March, labeling his marriage beyond repair.

He also got a victory in court in April when a judge ordered Dr. Dre to pay $500,000 for her legal fees.

This amount is significantly less than the $5 million that Nicole originally requested from Dr. Dre for attorney fees. In fact, her $500K award for legal fees is a mere 10% of what Young originally requested from Dr. Dre. In addition to this amount, she also requested $2 million in monthly spousal support. Another hearing to give a ruling on her spousal support claim is set for July 8th.

Still, Nicole scored a win of her own when Dr. Dre’s three alleged mistresses were ordered to testify in court.

Dr. Dre’s alleged mistresses Jillian Speer, Crystal Rogers (aka Crystal Sierra), Kili Anderson

She wanted the women to testify in hopes of overturning the prenup. A judge granted her request and the three women will have to reveal personal details about their relationships with the famous record producer.

According to the judge each of the three ladies,

“may have information relevant to the issue of temporary support and fees as well as….. on the validity and enforceability of the alleged pre-marital agreement.”

In addition to that, the judge also fined Jillian Speer, Crystal Rogers, and Kili Anderson $2,500 each for refusing to comply with the subpoena requests. Speer, Rogers, and Anderson initially denied having information relevant to the ongoing divorce and hired lawyer Kris LeFan to defend them.

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