Wendy Williams Tells Gary Owen She Was Attracted To Him When They 1st Met: I Was Married, I’m Not Dead + Comedian Denies Estranged Wife’s Claims He’s A ‘Deadbeat Dad’

Wendy Williams Tells Gary Owen She Was Attracted To Him When They 1st Met: I Was Married, I’m Not Dead + Comedian Denies Estranged Wife’s Claims He’s A ‘Deadbeat Dad’

Now that Gary Owen is nearly single, Wendy Williams is shamelessly shooting her shot.

As previously reported, Gary Owen’s wife Kenya Duke filed for divorce earlier this year. They were married for 18 years.

Kenya Duke, Gary Owen

Wendy Williams had the comedian on her show earlier today (June 10th) and let him know that she was attracted to him nearly 10 years ago on the set of Think Like A Man. 

Wendy Williams, who finalized her divorce from Kevin Hunter last year, told Gary,

“The first time we met, Think Like A Man, I was married, you were married… I was looking like ‘Okay, who’s that?’ I was married at that time, I’m not dead.”

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Gary appeared to be flattered and said,

“That’s shocking. With all the attractive men on Think Like A Man, that’s kind of shocking.”

Wendy assured him,

“You stuck out to me.”

Wendy confessed that she often intimidates men, and Gary clarified,

“I’m not officially divorced.”

He then pointed out that they have adult children as he responded to Kenya Duke’s claims that he’s a “deadbeat dad”, stating,

“But our kids are adults.”


He added,

“I’ve been silent the whole time because social media is like a soap opera and I was a guest for the divorce. I don’t plan on being a regular cast member. But my lawyer doesn’t want me saying anything [because] we got a lot of legal stuff we gotta go through. But I’ll just say there’s a big twist in my divorce a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy. But I can’t speak on it yet. It changed the dynamic of the whole divorce.”

When asked if a secret baby was involved he said,

“No! Nothing like that. It’s not scandalous!… This is one of those, it’s not a tragic ending. You’re with somebody 23 years, the marriage ended, and it happened. It’s okay, it happened. I wanted to keep it private, I guess she… didn’t.”

He then addressed Kenya Duke’s accusations that he cheated with a woman in Dallas. She made the allegations in a scathing social media post calling out Claudia Jordan and an unnamed friend.

“I don’t know where that came from, that’s false.”

When Wendy Williams said Claudia Jordan is “very attractive”, Gary replied,

“She’s been so good to me and Kenya our whole relationship…I don’t know where that came from at all.”

When asked if he had a girlfriend he joked,

“I belong to the streets.”

He also shared more of Kenya Duke’s claims that he hasn’t seen their children.

“They’re adults. My daughter was in college when the news broke. She’s staying with Kenya, and she has a job. I’m on the road. We’re talking, we’re texting, it’s not uncommon when you have adult kids to not see them for a couple of months…The deadbeat dad kind of stung a little bit. I was like ‘Whoa – weren’t they in private school? Didn’t I have a show, fly back to go to my son’s seventh-grade basketball game, and fly back to make my show? It’s nothing to brag about but I’m not a deadbeat dad.”

He explained the Breadwinner t-shirt he wore that sparked Kenya’s post and said while it was “not responsible” he added,

“I wasn’t digging on her at all. I wouldn’t do that. I’m not gonna pinch the bear, I’m not gonna say anything bad about Kenya… We had a good run, but I think emotionally I think I’m just probably a little ahead of her in disconnecting from the marriage, where I think she’s handling it the way she’s handling it.”

Wendy ended the conversation by asking him to dinner. But Gary refused to accept or decline on the air stating, “That’s how rumors get started.”

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