Michael Costello Denies Calling Designer Maxie James The N-Word, Rep Says He’s ‘Heartbroken That She Continues To Spread Lies’

Michael Costello Denies Calling Designer Maxie James The N-Word, Rep Says He’s ‘Heartbroken That She Continues To Spread Lies’

Michael Costello has been hit with several bullying allegations ever since he called out Chrissy Teigen for the same behavior.

Chrissy Teigen

One woman who came forward was boutique owner Maxie J, who alleged he called her the N-word while at a boutique seven years ago.

She recalled the incident during an EXCLUSIVE interview with theJasmineBRAND earlier this week and told us her issues with Michael Costello first started after he purchased one of her dresses and repurposed it as his own design.

Maxie J claimed that she reached out to Michael Costello after he allegedly stole her dress but he never replied to her so she shared the story of what happened online to her followers.

“I posted his receipt of him purchasing the dress from me. I posted the picture of him reposting the dress on his Instagram and I just put my phone down and left. Went to go cry, felt bad for myself, and I started hearing my phone dinging out of control.”

She added,

“He was reacting emotionally as well and he was going off on people in the comments of the [proof] that I posted and that is when he [made the comment] and was like ‘oh, you’re defending that black’, you know.”

Maxie J shared with us that she ultimately decided to let the drama with Michael Costello go and was ready to move on, however, things took a turn for the worst when the pair ran into each other a year later at a fabric store.

“So like a year later I go to a fabric store and I see him. I instantly notice him but he did not notice me at first.”

She added that when Michael Costello realized who she was he came up to her and said,

“’Oh, I remember you, you’re that black n*gger b*tch that tried to sabotage my business.’ And he takes my phone out of my hand and throws it and it shattered. I lose my mind, and when I say I lose my mind-I lost it.”

She also made the claims on Instagram.

Michael Costello has now responded to Maxie J’s allegations.

According to reports, his reps released a statement that reads,

“Ms. James is in denial of data science provided by Instagram, proving Michael’s innocence. She is promoting violence – as she did beat up Michael in a clothing store – and the published article is only drudging that back up, while re-communicating false information that’s been debunked. We are devastated that this story is getting picked up and re-shared and urgently want to convey the facts. Michael vehemently denies Ms. James’ abhorrent lies that he called her the N-word. He is heartbroken that she continues to spread these lies to defame him.”

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