Ace Hood Calls Out His Daughter’s Mother After Not Seeing Child On Father’s Day + She Alleges His Claims Are For ‘Love & Hip Hop’: You Don’t Have A Storyline Without Me

Ace Hood Calls Out His Daughter’s Mother After Not Seeing Child On Father’s Day + She Alleges His Claims Are For ‘Love & Hip Hop’: You Don’t Have A Storyline Without Me

Ace Hood and his daughter’s mother celebrated Father’s Day 2021 with some drama! 

Yesterday (Sunday, June 20th) was Father’s Day, and Ace Hood decided to jump on his Instagram story to share his thoughts on a few things. Initially giving a shoutout to the men who step up as fathers to their kids, he soon segued to discuss issues between him and his daughter’s mother, Shanice TyriaAce Hood stated:

“Today, I do not have my kids. And the reason I do not have my children today is because the mother of my children wants her story to be right. Which means her story in her mind is that I am not a good father, my children don’t want to spend time with me… I don’t support the kids. Also, I’m never there for the children, so that’s her story in her mind and she wants to tear me down also as a person.”

He continued:

“All this is because of money. All of her actions and all of this is because of money. It’s because she sees me furthering myself–in my life, in my career, doing other things. Yes I pay child support, yes we have court-ordered agreements. And none of that matters to her, man. None of that matters. She would rather destroy the relationship that I have with my children to prove herself right–to prove her story right. And that’s saddening.”

Shortly after his Live, Shanice Tyria took to her Instagram story to respond, initially clarifying that her daughter wasn’t with Ace Hood for Father’s Day because he refused to pay for her return flight. She also alleged that his niece had been bullying their child.

After this initial post, she proceeded to jump on Instagram Live to speak on the matter. Shanice Tyria claimed:

“He had a motive behind why he came on [Instagram] Live: because he wanted the internet to bash me and to try to tear me down as a mother. And for him to do that while I’m pregnant, y’all, that says a lot about his character.”

She continued, taking aim at Ace Hood‘s allegations of their issues being over money. She also claimed he was stirring the pot for a Love & Hip Hop storyline:

“That man owe me $95,000 and he up here talking about, ‘It’s about money’? Antoine, I been had a house, both of my cars is paid for. You really tried to come on here and get these people to try and destroy my character… For you and your wife to do that for a check for Love & Hip Hop? That is sad. And Mona [Scott] you don’t even have a storyline for them two without me. You don’t even have a storyline.”


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However, Shanice Tyria still had more to say about the matter–and she pulled out the receipts! She posted a series of screenshots to her Instagram story, appearing to show Ace Hood‘s reluctance to fund their daughter’s return flight from Florida, where the “Bugatti” rapper lives. She also showed alleged evidence of his niece’s bullying and how it makes her daughter uncomfortable visiting.

Ace Hood has not publicly responded to Shanice Tyria‘s claims.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley