Kevin McCall Gets Into Heated Exchange On Podcast After He Admits He Hit A Woman ‘Cause She Hit Me’ [WATCH]

Kevin McCall Gets Into Heated Exchange On Podcast After He Admits He Hit A Woman ‘Cause She Hit Me’ [WATCH]

A rare interview featuring Kevin McCall ended with a heated exchange over domestic violence.

Kevin McCallwho has been out of the spotlight lately, stopped by Thee Kraig Smith’s podcast and got into an argument with one of the hosts.

It started when Kevin McCall spoke on his previous social media controversies and said,

“I just was talking s*** and trying to get attention just like I got Chris Brown’s attention when I posted a picture of Rihanna’s face all beat up. This is before I had allegations of the second victim… ‘alleged’ victim.”

But things went left when he said,

“Which I did hit her, ’cause she hit me. Which is not cool.”

Co-host Brandyn spoke up and chastised McCall for his actions, causing the rapper to say,

“I’ve even beat up n***as over this. So if you want a fade over this, if you feel like I shouldn’t hit women, catch a fade outside bro. So don’t sit here and act like you think I’m some weird a** n***a bro.”

Brandyn told him “I don’t” before McCall added,

“Shut the f*** up my n***a. I’m a real a** n***a. I f*** up n***as bro. It’s n***as that come around that try to jump me. It’s n***as that wait until I get around a camera and switch the f***in narrative. So if you got a problem, if you think I hit women… catch a fade my n***a.”

He continued,

“Don’t play with me like that. I don’t hit b****es bro. I got two daughters my n***a!”

He goes to on to yell,

“Yeah I got an anger problem! With n***as like you! Who do that little passive s*** like KevOnStage b****. Catch a fade n***a!”

He proceeded to get up out of his sit as he gathered his sings while saying,

“This the type of s*** I hate my n***a. If you think I really hit b****es. Catch a fade my n***a.”

The podcast host suggested they take a break from filming. McCall later retured and the ordeal was discussed off camera.

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Authored by: Char Patterson