Cardi B Confronts Jessie Woo For Alleging Her Team Wanted To ‘Take Out Nicki Minaj’, Shares DMs: Here You Go Lying

Cardi B, Jessie Woo, Nicki Minaj

Cardi B Confronts Jessie Woo For Alleging Her Team Wanted To ‘Take Out Nicki Minaj’, Shares DMs: Here You Go Lying

Cardi B isn’t taking recent allegations against her lightly.

Yesterday (June 28th), media personality Jessie Woo alleged that someone on Cardi B’s team told her they wanted to “take Nicki [Minaj] out” back in 2017; suggesting they wanted to ruin her career as Cardi B’s popularity grew.

Nicki Minaj

Jessie Woo said in a video,

“I’ll never forget, years ago – four years ago – I met someone that was on Cardi’s team, back in 2017. They literally told me, like, this is something that was told to me – that yeah, putting Cardi out, our goal was to knock Nicki [Minaj] out.”


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Cardi B quickly denied the speculation, saying there are DMs/receipts to prove it’s not true.

Nicki Minaj also shared a cryptic tweet at the time Jessie Woo’s claims went viral.

Now, Cardi B, who announced that she’s pregnant with her second child at the BET Awards Sunday (June 27th), is speaking out even more and confronting Jessie Woo on Instagram. She tweeted hours after Jessie Woo’s video,

“I’ve been quiet & at peace while I’m working & preparing for my blessing.. & I refuse to let ANYONE interrupt it. I’m not addressing any of these narratives the way I’ve let them distract me in the past. If anyone wants receipts head over to @officialKenBarbie on IG NOW. Byeee!”

@officialKenBarbie shared screenshots of DMs between Jessie Woo and Cardi B that showed Jessie Woo venting to Cardi B about her manager in 2019. It also showed that Cardi B confronted Jessie Woo about the video she posted yesterday (June 29th).
 Jessie Woo responded with a voice note saying,
“If you watch the full clip, I’m just talking about how we need unity with women in hip hop, that’s number one. Number two, Shaft wasn’t the person who told me that. It was actually B. Hop who told me that… I wasn’t saying that was your goal. If you watch the video I’m saying that was not your goal. It was literally from what I was told, it was people pinning you guys…”
Screenshots of Cardi B addressing B. Hop were also shared, and B. Hop denied ever telling Jessie Woo that the plan was to take out Nicki Minaj. 
Cardi B once again confronted Jessie Woo for allegedly lying and accused the media personality of throwing B. Hop’s name in it because he had a seemingly smaller role in Cardi B’s career.
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