Nelly Performance At North Idaho State Fair Is Being Boycotted By Locals: He Is Glorifying The Pimp Lifestyle

Nelly Performance At North Idaho State Fair Is Being Boycotted By Locals: He Is Glorifying The Pimp Lifestyle

Nelly is apparently not welcome in the Idaho panhandle!

This past Tuesday (July 26th), KVPI–a news station in Northern Idaho–revealed that they received an email chain from residents of Kootenai County, Idaho. The emails were centered on blasting the decision to schedule Nelly (real name Cornell Haynes Jr.) to perform at the North Idaho State Fair. Many claimed the community was trying to generate out-of-state revenue by sacrificing their conservative values, resulting in:

“[Locals feeling] appalled by the actions of the fair board in selecting rapper entertainment for the fair.”

One email sent to the news station stated:

“I wonder if someone on the far left that is consumed with creating everything possible to injure our traditional communities’ values and lifestyle is behind influencing weak-minded people on the [Kootenai County] fair board and our county commissioners by selling them on this insane decision to upset our peaceful fair with the likes of Nelly. Talk about selling your soul to the devil for money.”

The email continued:

“We are not oldsters that deny changing times. We are serious, responsible citizens with moral character who recognize filth and the increasing depravity of our youth stimulated when we see it. Nelly is no Elvis Presley… He is glorifying the Pimp lifestyle.”

Towards the end of the email in question, the resident explicitly says:

“Please think about the message he is sending… Make him go to Portland/Seattle where he will be welcomed, not Idaho.”

Despite the residents’ concerns, ticket sales indicate that many others are excited about Nelly‘s anticipated performance. Early last month, the North Idaho State Fair reported that people had purchased over 7,800 tickets–with 3,252 specifically being for Nelly‘s performance.

The North Idaho State Fair is scheduled for August 20-29 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Nelly is still scheduled to perform, and he has not publicly addressed the boycott.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley